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Starter-Kit Helps Boarding Bounty Bay Online

July 11, 2008

Starter-Kit Helps Boarding Bounty Bay Online

Packet of valuable ingame items for newbies on the high seas available

For newcomers on the virtual Seven Seas, there is a brand new starter-kit available in the Bounty Bay Online webshop. For an unbeatable price of 25 points ingame-currency, inexperienced sailors can get a massive tailwind on their journeys and their first few days in the free-2-play version of the game. With a virtual jewel set, compressed provisions, clothing, a double experience-point scroll and a powerful figurehead, players receive a significant power-boost for their first ingame challenges. Thus the starterkit makes entering the world of Bounty Bay Online a lot easier and supports players on land as well as on the high seas.

New Sailors will be well equipped for the first levels and all the tasks they are facing will almost be a piece of cake. Especially their progress in the game will be accelerated substantially. Equipped with the starter-kit, no one can stop you now! To the shop, this way:

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