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Starhawk soundtrack reminds you of 'what you're fighting for'

We're still a little over a week before the release of Starhawk, but to hold you over the game's score producer Matt Levine opened up about the soundtrack.

Inspired by Lightbox Interactive's president Dylan Jobe, Chris Lennertz's score for Starhawk is "bursting with character and memorable themes."

What did Jobe say?

"The music should not simulate combat; it should remind you what you're fighting for."

"It is rare for so many things to come together on a project, but Starhawk has proven to be a perfect storm for creating a truly inspirational score," Levine said on the PlayStation Blog. "With a great story, a visionary developer, a brilliant composer, The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, and a fantastic collection of soloists, we knew that this score would be something really special."

Check out the video above and listen here to the lyrical melodies as they "soar through the orchestra, juxtaposed against feral percussion, gritty guitars, ethnic vocals and an eclectic mix of exotic wind instruments, each contributing to a score that is as memorable as it is unique."

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