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Stare upon the best BioShock Infinite tattoo in existence

BioShock Infinite back tattoo

I almost got a tattoo over the weekend. I didn't, but I almost did. It was something about dropping $1,400 on an upper-arm sleeve that I wasn't sure I was fully in love with that scared me away. Then I got thinking, I love BioShock Infinite; why don't I get a tattoo of something to do with BioShock Infinite?! 

I started thinking of great ideas -- the Songbird, a black and white tear being opened, the BioShock Infinite logo. I went online to see if any other people had a BioShock Infinite tattoo, that like me, were touched and inspired by its amazing story. All I could find were tattoos of the first BioShock and Big Daddies. Then I found this masterpiece that you see here.

The tattoo artist is David Olteanu, and, as you can see, he's amazing. The great detail of Booker, Elizabeth, the Songbird, the Big Daddy and Little Sister -- it's all overwhelmingly good. 

While I don't want something on that large of a scale, I now know that I definitely want something to do with Infinite. You can see more of David Olteanu's work HERE.

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