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StarCraft II WCS Asia Finals live this weekend!


The StarCraft II World Championship Series is coming down to the wire, with the final feeder tournament for the World Championships happening this weekend. The top 32 players from across Asia are competing for eight slots to advance to the World Finals in November, also in Shanghai, as well as $60,000 in prizes.

Let's take a look at who's competing, thanks to Liquipedia:

Protoss Protoss (15) Terran Terran (4) Zerg Zerg (13)
Qualified through National Championships
YoeIronmenlogo std.png
Taiwan Hui
YoeIronmenlogo std.png
Taiwan Nilon
YoeIronmenlogo std.png
Taiwan Ian
Apolloslogo std.png
Taiwan SKTB *
IGlogo std.png
China XY
Apolloslogo std.png
Taiwan AK
Gamabearslogo std.png
Taiwan Apro
Tyloologo std.png
China Infi
Gamabearslogo std.png
Taiwan Sen
Tyloologo std.png
China Jim
Gamabearslogo std.png
Taiwan Slam
PhoenixTeamlogo std.png
China Top
Wayispiderlogo std.png
Taiwan FLY
IGlogo std.png
China XluoS
Wayispiderlogo std.png
China Comm
IGlogo std.png
China MacSed
  China TooDming
Wayispiderlogo std.png
China Ash
PhoenixTeamlogo std.png
China F91
IMlogo std.png
South Korea Seed
Infinitylogo std.png
Singapore Revenant
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea PartinG
Khanlogo std.png
South Korea RorO
Primelogo std.png
South Korea Creator
SlayerSlogo std.png
South Korea Miya
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Squirtle
Startalelogo std.png
South Korea Curious
SKT1logo std.png
South Korea Rain
Liquidlogo std.png
South Korea HerO
CJEntuslogo std.png
South Korea herO
Qualified through Southeast Asia Nationals
Infinitylogo std.png
Thailand RedArchon
Philippines EnDerr

Only four Terran have qualified for this event, so we're not that likely to see Terran in the World Finals, but there's always a chance. My prediction? Rain will very likely take this entire touranment, given his phenomenal run that he's been on in the GSL, making it to the semi finals before losing to MVP (who is not at this tournament), and his run at the OSL Proleague. That's not even mentioning his record in the MvP Invitational where he has been beating down foreigners left and right.

You can check out both streams below - I'm not sure if it's just me, but the production quality seems alot worse than the WCS Europe finals did. Given how important this event, and indeed, the finals next month are, Blizzard and Gamefy TV better step up their game.

Watch live video from wcsasia_1 on

Watch live video from wcsasia on

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