StarCraft II’s first collectable figures

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty  - 875755

The first ever StarCraft II figurines are now available to be purchased from the Blizzard store.  These figures are both sculpted and painted collector’s trinkets made by DC Unlimited.  These figures are the first of two waves in this series of art. 

The popular real-time-strategy StarCraft II is featuring some of the main protagonists of the series Jim Raynor and Zeratul.  The Terran and Protoss characters stand at 20 cm tall.  What better way to fill empty shelf space, show your love for the Blizzard franchise, or simply to gain some more desk swag?  Answer, there is no other way.

Jim’s SC2 rugged look is nailed perfectly in this figurine. I practically can hear him reliving his depressing past and muttering Kerrigan’s name in his sleep.  Zeratul’s art is equally as awesome as Raynor’s.  The venerable Dark Templar is posed ready to strike with his warp-blade out.  The detail on his robes and armor patches is stunning. 

Both statues can be bought for $29.99.  You can buy Jim Raynor here and Zeratul here.  Happy collecting folk.

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