Starcraft Brood War Teams Preparing to Transition to Starcraft 2

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In an interesting developement, all Korean Starcraft: Brood War (excpet one) teams have now begun to practice for a possible transition into the game's sequel, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. You may be saying "But GameZone, isn't Brood War over 13 years old now? How can it possibly still have a pro scene?". Well, it does. Quite the thriving one in Korea.

But after the recent rumors that the Korean eSports Players Association (KeSPA) may be featuring Starcraft 2 alongside Brood War, most of the teams have begun preparations. And it seems that these preparations are going quite well, with most BW pros ending up in Master's league, despite the wildly different metagame in SC2.

To further support this development, earlier this year all of the Brood War teams upgraded their hardware to be able to run Starcraft 2. (previously, they were playing on old CRT monitors and windows 98 systems, as that's Brood War's native state, and looks/runs horribly on modern computers). Have a look at their setups now:

STX Specs:

Monitor: 24 Inch LED Monitor
CPU: Intel Core i7

Is it possible that we'll see the Brood War bonjwa Flash going up against the likes of HuK, MVP or IdrA sometime soon? Only time will tell.

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