Starbound releases new patch, fixes weapons and doesn't wipe characters. Rejoice!

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Yesterday Chucklefish released the much anticipated update for Starbound which rebalanced leveling and combat. However, it seems that the update also managed to make crafted weapons overpowered. That means we get another update!

Don't fret though, your characters and worlds are safe, since there is no wipe this time around. Here is the official statement from Chucklefish, along with the changes with the update.

We’ve decided NOT to wipe characters or worlds. This means if you already have overpowered items or planets they will remain that way. We’d recommend starting a new character to assist with beta testing. That’s been fixed. It was an interesting bug. The old leveling system used a “level” specified in each swords configuration file. The new system no longer uses “level”, instead each sword is hand balanced.  The bug that crept in at the last moment reenabled “level”.  Given that they are now unused, levels weren’t changed from their previous values that went all the way up to level 100, and now that the game is leveled up to 10, they were massively too powerful.

- Uranium, plutonium and solarium now work as fuels

- You can now REALLY craft a grappling hook

- Boss balance has been tightened even more

- Platinum armor is now unlocked on tier 5

- You can now ‘recapture’ pets

- some more fixes

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