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Star Wars: The Old Republic update 2.4 'The Dread War' releasing Oct. 1


BioWare announced today that The Dread War, game update 2.4 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be released on October 1st. The free update will introduce a number of gameplay features including new 4v4 PvP Warzone Arenas.

The Dread War will take players to Oricon in the "epic finale" to the Dread Masters' saga. It will include two new level 55 Operations: The Dread Fortress and The Dread Palace.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, which went free-to-play last November, has seen a number of content updates and expansions release, resulting in an increase in players and revenue. In an effort to further grow the game, BioWare is offering previous subscribers who rejoin under the new subscription plan the game's first digital expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, for free.

"We are constantly looking to improve the gameplay experience in Star Wars: The Old Republic, finding fresh new ways for players to try it out while offering new, higher-level content to our existing community," said Jeff Hickman, General Manager of BioWare Austin. "With the addition of the new BitRaider streaming download, the upcoming Game Update 2.4, which includes two new Operations and the launch of PvP Warzone Arenas, there's never been a better time to join us."

For more information on Update 2.4: The Dread War, including access to the game client download, check out the official SWTOR website.

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