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Star Wars: The Old Republic Tops 800K Pre-Orders in the Americas


Yesterday, it was revelealed that the once massive online RPG World of Warcraft had lost 1.7 million subscribers since October 2010.  Where are those users going?

If pre-orders are any indiciation, many ex-WoW players could be heading to upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Slated for a December 20th, worldwide release date, VG Chartz latest estimates has SWTOR breaking 800K pre-orders in the Americas alone.  As of the week ending November 5th, VG Chartz estimates 802,976 pre-orders have been made for the highly anticipated MMORPG.

With European countries not included in those numbers, and the game still having 7 weeks left until launch, it's safe to say Star Wars: The Old Republic will comfortably host over a million-plus players at launch.

According to BioWare's latest panel at the New York Comic-Con Star Wars: The Old Republic has logged 4.8 million testing hours and has over 200,000 forum posts a week.  Other details about the game can be found here. BioWare has continued to send out beta invites so be sure to check your email.

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