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Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Will Return to World of Warcraft "Within a Year"


According to video game analyst Michael Pachter, Star Wars: The Old Republic will not be the World of Warcraft killer.  In an interview on MSNBC's "In-Game" feature, Pachter argues that the majority of players who leave World of Warcraft for Star Wars: The Old Republic will return to their WoW roots "within a year".

Pachter predicts that roughly 1/3 of the initial Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers will migrate from World of Warcraft, while the other 2/3 will be from other miscellaneous MMO's.  But Pachter firmly believes "that Blizzard would get everybody back."  That's a pretty bold statement to make given the popularity of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the declining World of Warcraft subscriptions.

There is no doubt that Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most anticipated games of this year, and probably the most anticipated MMORPG ever.  Still, Pachter bases his "bet" on two factors.  First he argues, "Everyone who leaves WoW, Blizzard is going after them hard...They are going to inundate [deserters] with offers and new stuff."  He also believes that The Old Republic will "peak early and...fade after a while because that's what's happened with every other MMO."

While it is possible that The Old Republic could peak early and fizzle out, it's hard to believe many of those ex-WoW players fill find their way back to World of Warcraft, especially given the impressive lineup of other MMO's slated for release.  Between Guild Wars II, SWTOR,and Final Fantasy XIV, it will be hard for fans to pass up new and excited IPs, for the aging World of Warcraft.

This bold prediction comes during a time when hype for Star Wars: The Old Republic is at an all-time high.  With recent details announced on New York Comic-Con, including a new global launch date and plenty of gameplay news, it'll be hard to World of Warcraft to steal some of the spotlight, even with a possible Mists of Pandaria expansion announcement at BlizzCon this week.

Star Wars: The Old Republic may show 'Signs of War', but does it show signs of squashing the competition?  200,000 forum posts a week suggest fans are really digging what SWTOR has to offer.

Do you agree with Michael Pachter that the majority of Star Wars: The Old Republic players will return to World of Warcraft?  Or will SWTOR be the WoW killer?

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