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Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Jedi Knight vs Bounty Hunter'


BioWare has just released a new video series titled "Choose Your Side", where members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team weigh in on and debate the in-game classes to see who will reign supreme in the Star Wars galaxy.

In the first video, the team pits the Jedi Knight against the Bounty Hunter.  If the game is anything like the movies, then the Jedi Knight is the winner by a long shot.  We've all seen what Mace Windu did to Jango Fett (though Jango did put up a good fight against Obi-Wan).  Not to mention the embarrassing death of Jango's son, Boba Fett, who got knocked into the Sarlacc pitt by a blinded Han Solo.  And BioWare has the nerve to say that the Bounty Hunter class can compete in the same ring as the Jedi Knight? 

Needless to say, the Bounty Hunter is a cool concept for a character, and BioWare has definitely taken full advantage of the numerous technologies and gadgets a Bounty Hunter can make use of in-game.  Boba Fett was always an interesting character in the original movies, and BioWare looks to successfully play upon that popularity to create a badass character who does actually stand a chance when fighting against a Jedi Knight.

As you'll see in the video, the strategy of a Jedi when going up against a Bounty Hunter is to "get in there as fast as you can and stay there".  You're going to want to try and keep the Bounty Hunter as slowed down as you can.  The Jedi Knight's biggest strength is dishing out damage by staying as close as possible.

On the other hand, the Bounty Hunter's goal should be to keep the Jedi at a distance using the various stuns and slows available to the Bounty Hunter.  The Bounty Hunter relies on blasters and tech.  They've got rockets, missiles, flame throwers, jet packs, and much more!

Learn more about the Jedi Knight and Bounty Hunter classes in the video debate below, as the developers debate who has the upperhand in a fight.

While the Jedi Knight is a staple in the Star Wars universe, the Bounty Hunter's numerous gadgets look to make some pretty fun gameplay.

Regardless of debate, if BioWare delivers the game we all hope they will, then the winner of a Bounty Hunter and Jedi Knight fight should come down to player skills.

After watching the video, which class are you leaning towards playing? 


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