Star Wars the Old Republic introduces new Warzone, space missions in Game Update 1.6

Just because Star Wars the Old Republic went free-to-play, doesn't mean that the developers won't keep working on and updating the game with new content. Game Update 1.6 not only introduces a completely new Warzone, the Ancient Hypergate, but it also adds level 50 Heroic Space Missions.

The Ancient Hypergate will revolve around an ancient security system, which is powered by two energy pylons. It will be up to each team to battle for, and capture the pylons.

It is important to note that the Free version of The Old Republic has a few restrictions and limitations, specifically regarding Warzones and Space Missions. Free users can only participate in five Warzones per week, meaning if you're looking forward to diving into some hardcore Warzoning with the new update, you might want to think about resubscribing.

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