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Star Wars: The Old Republic extends 30 day free game time offer


With BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic legacy promotion rampant, they’ve decided to offer players some free time perks to try out the new system.  For those who have yet to level a single character to 50 but have several characters across the board – this new offer is for you. 

Dr Greg Zeschuk, BioWare Austin general manager, said, "At BioWare we're always listening to our fans and we've heard our community's comments around players with Level 50 characters being the only group awarded 30 days of play time.  We appreciate the feedback and are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Legacy Promotion, also awarding 30 days of play time at no charge to players that have reached Legacy Level 6 (who may not have a 50th level character)."

To receive the benefits of this promotion – you’ll need a legacy level of 6.  To start the legacy leveling process, you will have had completed Chapter 1 of main quest line.  There are several ways to reach legacy level 6; from one single character who has played level 50 content for a while to having 5 characters ranging from levels 20 – 35.  No matter how many characters you have, what level they are, or how long you’ve played – the goal is legacy level 6.

To receive the 30 free days, you will have had to reach the legacy goal by April 22nd.  The 30 days will be added April 25th to your account.   


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