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Star Wars starfighter combat has hit The Forge in Halo 5

Now if they could only mesh the Imperial March with the Gregorian Chants...

Someone has turned a Banshee space battle mini game into a Star Wars dogfight and it looks pretty cool. Sure it might not be the second coming of Star Wars: Battlefront II, but it's still really neat. Using a vehicle welding glitch, players can now take flight in an X-Wing or a TIE Fighter.

The objective is pretty simple: kill the other team to win. Each round earns a point and the first team to five points wins. 

All is not smooth as you can probably tell by the video. It can be pretty difficult to see around the large vertical wings of the TIE Fighter and ships appear to have a tendency to bounce off of each other. You can also still clearly see the outlines of the banshee, but given that this is using a glitch, that's not too surprising. 

Regardless, as a Star Wars fan, bouncy physics and all, this looks like a lot of fun while I wait for this new generation of Battlefront to get dog-fighting right.

Source: [YouTube]

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