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Star Wars Galaxies Producer Says Game Launched Too Early



Though most people are obviously chatting about Star Wars: The Old Republic, a select group of gamers are bidding farewell to the original Star Wars MMO, Galaxies. Though the game had a rocky history, forced to re-invent itself many times over the years, many stuck around right until the game's final day of play on December 15th. With the servers now closed forever, GameSpot asked game producer Tony Tyson what he would change if he could.

"If we had to do it all over again, we would have waited another year before launching" Tyson stressed, a statement many would agree with. The initial launch of the game was definitely underwhelming, and the fact that players were stuck roaming the surface instead of jumping to hyperspace was not a big selling point for many. Eventually, space was introduced to the game, but for many it was too little, too late.

Though Galaxies never experienced the success of competitors like World of Warcraft, Tyson is happy about how the game and its players helped contribute to Star Wars lore. "The Galaxies game may end when the servers go down but our players will keep the Galaxies stories alive for years to come."

Source: GameSpot

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