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Star Wars 1313 developer LucasArts hiring for new, unannounced FPS title


LucasArts is quite the busy developer. It appears LucasArts, while working on the highly anticipated Star Wars 1313 game, is hiring for a new, unannounced first-person shooter. The firm has job openings for a senior core engineer and senior animator.

Nothing about the game is revealed, except that it will be developed and optimized on "current and future generation console and PC hardware", possibly hinting at a next-gen release. Judging from the impressive cinematics and gameplay we've seen with Star Wars 1313, it looks like LucasArts is primed and ready to make the big jump to next-gen.

What could the new game be? Many are hoping it will also have Star Wars in the title. Maybe a Battlefront 3 or Republic Commando 2? Others suggest it could be continued work on the unnamed project that developer Clint Hocking was working on before leaving LucasArts.

So with knowing absolutely nothing about the game, what would you like to see from LucasArts?


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