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Star Wars 1313 'Descent to the Underworld' video documentary goes below the surface of Coruscant

A video documentary released for upcoming third-person action-adventure game Star Wars 1313 gives players a look at the crime-filled underworld of Coruscant.

Described as the most dangerous place in the galaxy, Star Wars 1313 takes you below the surface to level 1313. It is where the criminal underworld in the Star Wars galaxy live.

Star Wars 1313 turned some heads when it made its official debut with stunning visuals and intense gameplay. But aside from the brief gameplay and trailers, we really don't know much about the game. We keep hearing about about this mysterious place below the surface of Coruscant, but we really don't know much about it. All we really know is that it's dirty and dangerous.

"In every city you've got the bad part of town, well this is a city that's made up of the bad part of town, described LucasArts lead artist Dave Smith. "It's old. It's got a lot of history. It's just not somewhere that you want to be caught on an alley on a Friday night."

You won't learn much that you don't already know, but it's nice to hear the thoughts of the Star Wars 1313 team as they describe this new, mysterious location. There are some new concept art images that are shown, but it really doesn't reveal too much. Either way, level 1313 is definitely an intriguing setting, and one that's not been explored in any Star Wars game prior to this. I'm excited to see what Star Wars 1313 has to offer.

"With the amount of detail that's gone into making this world, we really have only just scratched the surface," concluded creative director Dominic Robilliard, "and there's going to be a lot more to hear about it in the future."

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