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Star Fox Zero may not be giving us 60FPS as promised

What does the erratic frame rate mean for the release?

Star Fox fans have been waiting with bated breathe for Nintendo and Platinum Games' latest installment to the beloved series, Star Fox Zero, now releasing in less than two weeks.

Hopes have been high ever since the E3 announcement of the Wii U game last year, despite the release date having already been pushed back from the 2015 holiday season to late April this year. SFZ boasts new maps and stages, as well as masterful renderings of the old favorites, and an optimistic 60 frames per second frame rate. Unfortunately, after a recent stress test, its possible that figure may not be as consistent as promised.

While most of the game is capable of maintaining 60FPS, it was discovered that certain maps (namely Corneria and Sector Alpha) and many of the explosion effects can cause the game to drop anywhere from 10-20FPS below the desired threshold. Its likely the erratic frame rate is due to the game rendering out on two different screens, both the television, depending on the pixel rate, and the GamePad. While it may be too soon to the game's launch to repair these issues, the 60FPS rate seems to be reletively consistent throughout and doesn't appear to present much of a detriment to the gameplay as a whole.

Star Fox: Zero releases April 22 on Wii U!

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