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Star Fox Zero delayed until Q1 2016

Here come the NX rumors

Star Fox Zero delayed until Q1 2016

Just recently Nintendo set the release date for Star Fox Zero as November 20, 2015, making it Nintendo's big pre-Black Friday release. Given the highly coveted release window, Nintendo obviously had high hopes for the game. That arrangement seems to have fallen through: Star Fox Zero has been delayed until Q1 2016, leaving the Wii U with a massive hole in its lineup during the most important week of the year in terms of sales.

Not that you'll see too many complain. Star Fox Zero's visuals were "rough" to put it very kindly, and the controls were allegedly unintuitive all around. If a little more Nintendo polish comes to the title from this delay, then all the better. It has been far too long since we've had a proper Star Fox title developed by Nintendo, this release needs to shine bright if fans don't want the IP shoved back into the closet until the next Smash  iteration.

This does seem strange though given Nintendo recently handed us a solid release date that was a mere two months away at the time of this delay. What could have changed? Well, the President of Nintendo for one. You might as well brace yourself for all the NX conspiracy talk that's going to be all over the gaming community after this announcement.

Why do I say this? New Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima is a Japanese businessman who's contributions to the company have been purely on the business side of the equation, and he wasn't a fan of the Wii U, believing it would fail. If anyone was a likely suspect to push for Zelda and Star Fox to be delayed in order to become NX launch titles, it would be this man. At least that's what you're going to be hearing all over the internet.

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