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SSX Deadly Descents Details Uncovered, Still Sounds Bad


No, no, no, and NO. As an old-school lover all things SSX (up until the fourth game, that is), the new direction EA is taking the series just feels wrong. Utter realism is not in the over-the-top arcade-like spirit of SSX, but details in the latest issue of EGM reveal that that's exactly what we can expect: utter, tedious realism.

There will be 17 regions in total, with 70 randomly generated mountains planned using topographical data a la Google Earth.

Dangerous conditions such as thin air (OMG!!!!!), temperate, and ice will require players to pack approppriately. It's the gear/survival aspect that is most worrisome, as the focus should be squarely on barreling down a snow-covered mountain while doing inhuman tricks over an avalanche/helicopter/volcano.

As for characters, Elise is the only one confirmed as of yet, but if they don't include Kaori, I will literally have no reason to play.

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