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Square Enix to Bring Boys' Love Games to Cell Phones


Square's newest game doesn't appear to be a new entry in either the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest franchises, instead, we'll get a look at their first attempt to create a dating-sim/visual novel brand for cell phones called “Ultimate Kiss.” Now, before you get a chocobo caught in your warned this is an otome-brand. Meaning you're chasing boys from a female perspective.

The first title coming out of this “Ultimate Kiss” label will be Fly! Maihane High School Theater Club set in Maihine High School. As with all good visual novels, the school's theater club lacks members and is about to be shut off. To ensure it's survival, members must win a performance tournament that takes place in three months. In a rather interesting reversal of roles, you play the role of the club's female stage-hand. One day, a freak accident during rehearsal leaves all members, except the protagonist, injured and it's up to her to find replacement performers before the big show.

Although gameplay doesn't appear to be anything different from your usual text-based visual novel, Tobe! Mainhane Koukou Engibu will be available for free off of the Hangame Mobile portal. The game has only been announced for Japan so far, and based on the past history of the genre will more than likely stay that way. [source: Andriasang]

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