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Square Enix Discusses Possible Moon Diver Sequel


It may be too challenging for its own good, but Square Enix's hack-and-slash download Moon Diver is a memorable side-scrolling romp that should suit plenty of gamers. Available on the PlayStation Network, the title from developer Feelplus just popped up on Xbox Live Arcade today. If you're in the mood for a good challenge and a game you can play with up to three friends, be sure to check it out. Once you play through this brutal adventure, you won't be surprised if there's a sequel later on.

In an interview with, Moon Diver producer Takehiro Ando and planner Koichi Yotsui said they have plenty of content left out of the original game that they could use for a sequel. According to Yotsui, time constraints and a controlled budget didn't allow for everything to be included. This is surprising, as the game doesn't feel too short, especially given its somewhat repetitive design. Still, it would be cool to see all of the unused content in a brand new sequel to this Strider-like game.

Ando said that if a sequel to Moon Diver were developed, a new team would have to take on the job. Feelplus has been completely absorbed by AQ Interactive, the company known most recently for co-developing The Last Story with Mistwalker. As long as the vision remains the same, the spare content is included, and some improvements are added to the formula, a Moon Diver sequel could be successful regardless of the developer. Of course, Yotsui would have to stay on board, as the game was meant to be a spiritual successor to his Strider series.

Nothing has been confirmed, but it's certainly a lot of fun to think about. Even with all of the frustration that Moon Diver bestows with its brutal difficulty, it's a good game that fans of beat 'em ups and hack-and-slash titles should definitely try. So what would Ando and Yotsui want to name their Moon Diver sequel? Moon Diver 2? According to the two, they would want to go old school and title the game Super Moon Diver as a reference to the SNES era. Now that would be awesome!

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