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Square Enix Boss Not Into the Social Gaming Hype


We've all heard the discussions before. While there are many people who enjoy social gaming, there are others who absolutely detest it. I dislike social gaming mainly because I don't see these experiences as varied or worthwhile for me, and because these developers have huge egos and think they can run companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo out of business.

It appears another individual is joining the ranks of people who aren't too fond of social gaming. In an interview with Gamasutra, Square Enix US CEO Mike Fischer went on record to say that social gaming may be hot now, but it doesn't have the staying power of console and handheld gaming experiences. According to Fischer, passion will drive Square Enix and the entire gaming industry forward.

"I grew up a gamer, my entire career is in the games industry, so even though right now things like social gaming is already hot, and it's attracting a lot of VC attention, I'm not confident that a lot of that interest will still be there in a number of years as some other category becomes hot down the road," explained Fischer. "I'm also lucky because we do have an organization really from top to bottom, that's passionate about games, and that includes myself. That gives me confidence in a long term success as well as just the fact that trends that right now happen to be hot in the gaming area."

Fischer is dead right when he says that social gaming is a trend. And while some trends can grow and become accepted in a mainstream sense (like mobile gaming), they don't necessarily signal the end of something classic like console gaming. It's good that there are gaming experiences for everyone out there, but social gaming is, for all intents and purposes, a space reserved for a group of individuals who don't always game on consoles. Gaming on major platforms will continue to grow regardless of social gaming, and it will always be around.

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