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Square Enix Announces Square Enix Account System

March 31, 2009


Encrypted Security Token Provides Additional Protection to FINAL FANTASY XI Players


Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix®  interactive entertainment products in North America, today announced the upcoming launch of the Square Enix Account System and Square Enix Security Token in Japan, North America and Europe on April 6, 2009 PDT. Offering additional account safeguards to players of FINAL FANTASY® XI, these new initiatives provide for a higher level of account security. The new system will utilize the Square Enix Security Token, which will be available to purchase for $9.99 via the PlayOnline® Viewer.


Creating a Square Enix Account is free and can be done by anyone via the official Square Enix website. With this new system in place beginning April 6, 2009 PDT, Square Enix Accounts will be compatible with FINAL FANTASY XI and PlayOnline, as well as future online services.


After registering a Square Enix Account and purchasing the Square Enix Security Token, players can then assign the token to their PlayOnline ID(s). The token generates a unique password every time it is activated, ensuring complete security. Implementation of these new features is an extension of Square Enix’s commitment to continuous service for our customers.


Additionally, players who purchase a security token will also receive the brand new in-game bonus, the “Mog Satchel.” The “Mog Satchel” provides additional inventory space and benefits all characters on the PlayOnline account(s). The space provided by the “Mog Satchel” is equal to the character’s Gobbiebag capacity and can expand along with it. In order to utilize the bonus, it will be necessary for the customer’s PlayOnline ID to be linked to a Square Enix Account.


1 Square Enix Account

Registration Launch:                April 6, 2009 (Mon)

Registration Location:               Square Enix website

Compatible Services (Initial):     FINAL FANTASY XI, PlayOnline

*1 Initially players can register via the FINAL FANTASY XI official website.



2 Square Enix Security Token

Release Date:                April 6, 2009 (Mon)

Price:                            $9.99Includes tax and shipping

Where to Purchase:       Available for purchase via the PlayOnline Viewer

Bonus with Purchase:    The “Mog Satchel” will be included as an in-game bonus for FINAL FANTASY XI players who purchase a security token(*1).  The “Mog Satchel” will provide up to 80 additional inventory slots and can be accessed anywhere whether the player is in the Mog House or out adventuring in Vana’diel®. (*2)

*1 It is required for the PlayOnline ID to be linked to the Square Enix Account that has a security token associated.

*2 The space provided by the Mog Satchel is equal to the character’s Gobbiebag capacity.


For more information about FINAL FANTASY XI, please visit the official website:

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