Square Enix will be sad if you don't play Tomb Raider again on next-gen, according to flowchart

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As most of you know, January's only big release is a game we all got to play, and enjoy, last year. Tomb Radier Definitive Edition will be coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with not only updated graphics, but all the DLC as well.

And while many gamers aren't keen on spending $60 on a game they already played, for those that have yet to experience Lara's origin story, this is certainly the definitive way to do it.

Square Enix has put together a flowchart that helps you decide on what version to get, and what to do if you've already played the game. It's certainly a little silly, but can't blame SE for poking a little fun at themselves. If you don't want to replay Tomb Raider, and thus make Square Enix sad, then at least tell a friend. HIGH FIVE!

Tomb Raider Flow Chart

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