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Square Enix revealing new RPG in December

About time...


Square Enix has been pretty vanilla recently. They've been working on games that we know all too well, like Final Fantasy and all of the mobile games for it.

This December things are changing.

The Square Enix Company President, Yosuke Matsuda, revealed that there will be a brand new game headed to consoles soon enough. In an interview Matsuda stated: 

“We’re preparing a brand new RPG title that is for consoles, and that is not a remake. We’ll make sequential announcements for it starting December...It’s a project that started since I’ve been inaugurated as the president, and it’s finally shaping up. We’ll come out with a bang and make announcements for it, both domestic and internationally.”

Looking closer at that statement you can tell it's pretty vague. There's no mention of what console or what type, whether it's a handheld, last-gen or current-gen. What it does let us know that it is far enough in development for them to show off.

Any theories?


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