Square Enix may have teased Bravely Default for the West

Screenshot - Bravely Default

Square Enix and Silicon Studio's Bravely Default: Flying Fairy currently stands as one of the most demanded role-playing titles exclusive to Japan, and today, hopeful gamers are clinging to what sounds like confirmation of a Western localization.

The RPG hit Japan nearly half a year ago, and the publisher has even announced a sequel. While those of us in the West have been waiting for more Final Fantasy news and enduring some of Square Enix's distasteful mobile releases (like the costly All the Bravest), what fans are really clamoring for is Bravely Default.

The official Bravely Default Twitter account sent out a tweet today that suggests Square Enix is listening. Part of the message (somewhat off due to translation software) reads, "A voice of the foreign one arrives properly!”

It's not an official announcement, but it's possible that the publisher is acknowledging the many requests from Western gamers and may even be considering bringing the game to other shores.

Bravely Default has shipped over 300,000 copies in Japan

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[via Siliconera]

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