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Square Enix is having "very open, frank discussions with Nintendo" about getting Final Fantasy XV on Switch

Square Enix is trying to get it done, but it's not that simple.

It's not a simple process, but Square Enix is making an effort to get Final Fantasy XV on Nintendo Switch. Game Director Hajime Tabata told Eurogamer that "very specific technical investigations into what's possible" are being conducted internally at Square Enix, but everything is still very much in a planning stage. He also said that the current engine being used for Final Fantasy XV was previously tested on Nintendo Switch, but "the results weren't satisfactory."

This means that Square Enix will have to look into alternative ways to get the game on Nintendo's console, such as "the customisation of the engine" according to Tabata, but the company is also talking to Epic about using Unreal Engine. 

"Their Unreal environment is just amazing," he said, referencing just how "open" discussions have been about the issue. But despite all of the effort being put forth, "We can't currently announce anything - we haven't come to a full decision on the best way to do it yet," said Tabata.

While Square Enix could just as easily port the Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition to the Nintendo Switch, the company is at the very least striving to do more. It just remains to be seen if A.) they'll be able to get it done and B.) if it remains financially viable to do so.

But for now, Final Fantasy XV is available now on Xbox One and PS4 and is coming to PC in 2018.


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