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Square Enix Collective opens voting on 3 potential video game crowdfunding projects

Moon Hunters

Today, Square Enix launched a new platform where gamers can vote on titles they'd like to see crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

The partnership with international crowdfunding site Indiegogo puts the Square Enix Collective in direct competition with Kickstarter, which has become the top destination for video game crowdfunding projects, like Ouya and Star Citizen.

Publisher Square Enix scouts teams with cool game ideas it wants to support and then showcases them on the platform as "pitches." From there, users can vote on the ones they would like to crowdfund and provide feedback. If popular enough with the community after 28 days, the games will launch as campaigns on Indiegogo. The whole process should, in theory, speed up the crowdfunding process by ensuring these games get eyes on them before the clock is ticking — that way, the money can pour in faster as more people will be ready to contribute from the start.

The first three games in "feedback phase" on the Square Enix Collective are post-human action role-playing game World War Machine by developer Tuque Games, open-world multiplayer adventure Moon Hunters from Kitfox Games, and Scottish folklore-inspired Game of Glens.

The percentage of votes "yes" or "no" from the community in support of a game is clearly visible on the website. World War Machine is currently leading with a 87 percent vote in favor. Moon Hunters has 78 percent in favor, and Game of Glens has 67 percent against.

Square Enix didn't clarify how popular a game has to be to move on to Indiegogo.

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