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Square Enix bringing Final Fantasy VI to mobile, hopes to continue with the rest of the series


With absolutely no surprise to anyone, Square Enix recently announced that they will be bringing Final Fantasy VI to mobile devices. This is a no brainer since all previous Final Fantasies, up to Final Fantasy V have already been released on both mobile platforms.

However, it won't be a straight port. The mobile ports don't use sprite graphics, and instead rely on producing a more crisp and clearly detailed character art. Final Fantasy V is the best example of this. Square director and producer, Takashi Tokita, told Kotaku "The graphics, he said, will be refined for cellphones. They'll still be 2D but sharpened, a la the recent mobile release of V."

That isn't the only change to the game however.

"The battle systems have been altered for the other [mobile remakes] for Final Fantasy and VI will be the same. For instance grinding was an issue and people had to spend a lot of time leveling up. Now on the mobile devices the battle systems have been adjusted so you don't have to fight as much and can enjoy the game for what it is."

While I can't say I remember Final Fantasy VI was that much of a grindfest, I think it's understandable when trying to condense the game time, as it's being played on mobile devices.

It seems however that fans of the series and of the game aren't too happy with either announcement. Many are criticizing the polished and sharpened graphics, since they take away from charm and appeal the original sprite graphics had.

Takashi also commented that the Legacy collection (the mobile ports of Final Fantasy released thus far) won't necessarily end with VI and said that he would like to see the series continue past VI. "We have VII fans in our own company. If this Legacy project works out well, we would like to one day be able to work with VII."

*Screenshot from GBA Version of Final Fantasy VI

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