Square Enix announces two new puzzle packs to rack your brain in Quantum Conundrum

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If you haven't had enough mind bending, gravity defying puzzles with Quantum Conundrum, then Square Enix has got you covered with the addition of two new puzzle packs.

The two DLC packs, "The Desmond Debacle" and "IKE-aramba!", are expected to release later this summer and will add "hours of additional puzzles and adventure".

The Desmond Debacle will send players into an unexplored wing of Quadwrangle Manor where players will encounter Desmond, an old drinking bird, who will challenge them with more complex puzzles.

The Desmond Debacle will release, for $2.99, on July 31 for PC users via Steam. It will be available on August 14 on PSN for $2.99, and on August 15 for Xbox LIVE users for 240 Microsoft Points.

Following that release will be IKE-aramba!, which sends players on a rescue mission for IKE (Interdimensional Kinectic Entity).

IKE-aramba will be released on August 28 on Steam for $2.99. ON September 11 it will be available on PSN and September 12 for Xbox LIVE.

If you purchased the Season Pass via Steam then both of these DLC puzzle backs will be free.

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