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Square Enix announces Life is Strange


Square Enix is taking a page out of the ol' Telltale Games model, announcing today a new episodic game in which new chapter builds and evolves based on the choices you made in previous episodes. The new game, created in collaboration with Remember Me developer Dontnod, is called Life is Strange, and it sounds pretty damn cool.

The story centers around a character named Max Caulfield who returns to her home of Arcadia Bay, Oregon after a five year absence. Upon returning, she discovers that fellow high school senior Rachel Amber has disappeared "under mysterious and rather uncomfortable circumstances." After reunited with an old friend, Chloe, Max soon discovers she has the power to rewind time. I mean, it's a Dontnod game, so you know some sort of time manipulation was going to be involved.

"Each and every texture in Life is Strange is a hand drawn work of art and every action enacts a butterfly effect - but with the power to rewind time, what would you change? And would it turn out to be a change for the better or worse?" Square Enix teased in its announcement.

Life is Strange is set to be released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but will be playable at Gamescom this week.

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