Square Enix Admits FFXIV is a Disaster

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Final Fantasy XIV is unsatisfactory and Square Enix knows it. In a message to investors this week, Square CEO Yoichi Wada stated that "the FFXIV service is currently unsatisfactory, we're trying to improve it as rapidly as possible. We're trying as hard as we can to regain lost trust."

In the message, Wada also stated that Final Fantasy XI's player numbers have remained stable throughout the debacle and have not migrated to Final Fantasy XIV in large numbers. According to their sales rep, the game has sold 630,000 copies since launch while the PlayStation 3 version remains on target for a March release date.

With Square giving players an extra free month of the game due to decreasing server populations after launch, Wada is hoping that the game can be salvaged enough through patches while believing that players who left will come back if they are able to satisfy their expectations.

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