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SpongeBob-themed event brings nautical nonsense to Splatoon next weekend

New crossover will have Splatoon fans gasping for air

Splatoon SpongeBob Splatfest

Competing over food preferences is one thing, but getting to represent an existing fandom in Splatoon is pretty sweet. After seeing the success that came with their Hasbro partnership, Nintendo is again using Splatfest as a venue to debate matters of pop culture — this time with the help of Nickelodeon and one of their biggest properties, SpongeBob SquarePants.

Your choices for next weekend ask you to choose between the lesser of two daft undersea creatures: on one side, a bubble-blowing, overworked chef; on the other, a lethargic barnacle head. It's like The Fry Cook Games all over again.

If the foodies act on principle, then the pineapple resident will likely win the Popularity vote. But maybe Patrick supporters have a secret stash of Brain Coral to ensure Star steals the Victory category.

Chances are, Mahi-Mahi Resort will be included in the trio of Splatfest locations, but be sure to fill your helmet with water before coming to the surface. Cast your votes this week in preparation for April 23, when players in North America and Europe will be joined together for the first time.

Let's hope this partnership with Nickelodeon paves the way for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to infiltrate Splatoon. Anyone for a Leonardo vs. Karai battle?

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