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Splinter Cell: Conviction Artbook Giveaway

March 11, 2010

Splinter Cell: Conviction Artbook Giveaway

A sneak peak at the Collector's Edition

We're giving away four Splinter Cell Conviction hardcover art booklets. These booklets can also be found in the Collector's Edition version of the game. It showcases the evolution of the Splinter Cell series on 48 pages through highly detailed images, and includes information about each game.

To win the one of the hardcover art booklets, all you have to do is e-mail GameZone Community Manager Dakota Grabowski ( the following information.

1 – Full name
2 – Full shipping address
3 – Phone number

Winners will be selected at random.

The book begins with Splinter Cell, the game that had ambitions to become the definitive stealth action game, and also gave birth to a hero, Sam Fisher. The following pages show off different characters from the game, some of Sam's signature moves, and many of his gadgets that have become a staple in the series.

Moving on to Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, the booklet displays the advances in the graphics engine, with higher detailed models, and a more sophisticated use of lighting.

Moving on to the next-gen systems, Splinter Cell Double Agent was a departure from the other three games in the series. The images are more dark and gritty, and show a bald Sam Fisher that forgoes his high tech suit, in exchange for civilian clothes to blend in with the enemy.

Lastly the booklet focuses on Conviction, which is the latest game in the franchise. It showcases many of Sam's hidden gadgets, and also reveals that he will be going against 3rd Echelon Splinter Cells, which is the organization he used to be associated with.

Splinter Cell Conviction is set to release April 13.

Keep a look out for the Collector's Edition, which comes in a hard metal collectible case and also includes:

  • exclusive digital media via a collectible USB drive

  • hardbound art book

  • 2 exclusive in-game items

  • collectible decals

  • digital comic book

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