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SplashFighters is on LIVE now

October 17, 2008

As part of its publishing business, CyberStep Communications, Inc. releases its first online game

CyberStep Communications, Inc. which is a subsidiary of CyberStep, Inc. is pleased to announce that we started the official service of SplashFighters (Japanese title: GetAmped) on October 16th, Thursday. SplashFighters is the first game service that CyberStep Communications launches as a publisher for North American market. SplashFighters Official Website  CyberStep will continue striving to provide best game services to our customers by cooperating with our partners who are supporting our game management businesses in Japan and the United States and by solidifying our operating base.


“SplashFighters” is the game title of “GetAmped” for North America. "GetAmped" is a 3D, action fighting game, which was designed and developed by CyberStep and allows maximum 8 people to play at the same time on the internet. "GetAmped" is our famous self-developed game title. Currently it is serviced in 12 countries and regions including Japan and boasts the total registered number of more than 26 million users in the world. It became very popular not only for the high performance of action but also many kinds of styles (jobs), accessories that have special effects, combinations of reliable items, and your own way of fighting. The game has a feature that players can customize character's hair style, clothing and facial expression. There are many game modes players can enjoy, such as, soccer, basketball, flagship, and breaking ball. SplashFighters URL

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