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Splash Damage hints at other Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer modes

Today, Warner Bros. and Splash Damage unveiled the multiplayer component of Batman: Arkham Origins. The unorthodox setup of the 3 vs 2 vs 2 mode known as Invisible Predator certainly looks intriguing, but there's a possibility the game could see even more multiplayer game modes. 

Alastair Cornish, creative director of Splash Damage, the studio behind Arkham Origins' multiplayer development, hinted of these other modes, but refused to elaborate.

"Does the franchise and the world and the mechanics support the potential? Yes," he said when speaking to VideoGamer. "But we're only talking about Invisible Predator at this time."

Although I fully expect some more traditional modes to be unveiled, I'm hoping Splash Damage will continue to impress us with its creativity.


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