Spirit Guard Udyr releases his primal rage all over League of Legends

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It’s been sometime since Udyr got some love in League of Legends. Due to junglers getting upset with how kiteable he is, Udyr has fallen off popular play. Besides a rework, the best way to get a character back into the limelight is to release a pretty freaking amazing skin for that character. Coming next patch, there will be the Spirit Guard Udyr skin.

Like Pulse Fire Ezreal, this skin falls into that 'ultimate' tier. Every six levels this skin will evolve adding more partial effects and visuals. Each of Udyr’s stances adds different effects and colors for his primal fury. With this skin, you’ll master the spirit world in no time.

Perhaps my favorite new feature of this skin in the new voice work. As Udyr kills certain champions and neautral monsters, he talks s@#$ to them. In the four videos alone you hear him call out Volibear, Nidalee, Anivia, Rammus, Baron, and Dragon.   

Upon purchasing this skin, you also get an icon for each form and a banner for each form. Like the Ez sale, when this Spirit Guard Udyr is released it will be on a temporary sale for 1950 RP. After four days pass, the skin will fall into its 3250 RP price. LoL players, get ready to so a WHOLE bunch of Udyrs in the next few weeks. Check out the stance videos below.

Personally… I think he looks like Street Fighter’s Akuma.


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