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Spinal joins the Killer Instinct roster today


The Killer Instinct roster grows today as Spinal becomes an available fighter for owners of the Ultra Edition and Combo Breaker Pack bundles. Although Killer Instinct is free-to-download for Xbox One owners, only one character is free to play at a time; right now it's Thunder. Other characters can be unlocked individually for $4.99 each or as a bundle with the Combo Break pack or Ultra Edition. Both versions unlock the game's two DLC characters -- Spinal (available today) and Fulgore.

But before you hop on and start slashing away with Spinal today, check out his list of moves and the gameplay trailer below.

  • Power Devour: A classic Spinal move. Spinal uses his opponent’s attack to power up his own offense. Spinal absorbs opponents’ special moves and turns them into skulls that he can use to curse them. Curses siphon opponents shadow meter or instinct meter and give it to Spinal.
  • Bonerunner: A new and awesome move for Spinal. Whereas most characters can dash forward and back, Spinal has a full on run. With Bonerunner, he can run forward indefinitely and can use any move out of the run that he could if he were standing. It closes the distance on opponents fast and creates tons of pressure for the opponent. He also has an awesome maniacal laugh while running, adding to the fun.
  • Skeleport: Another classic spinal move. Spinal teleports in relation to the opponent based upon the power level of the Skeleport. He can teleport right in front of the opponent, mid distance from the opponent and behind the opponent. Perfect for set-ups, mix-ups and keeping the opponent guessing.
  • Searing Skull: When performed in a combo it trades damage for giving Spinal skulls. When Spinal has skulls Searing Skull fires them at the opponent at various angles and when they hit they curse them. Curses drain shadow meter from the opponent and give it to Spinal, allowing him to turn the tide of battle. Additionally, the shadow version of Searing Skull fires a massive chattering skull that siphons instinct meter from the opponent to Spinal. Both versions of Searing Skull can stack multiple times, increasing the drain.

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