Spike to unveil Unreal Engine 4 during E3

E3 2012 Screenshot - Unreal Engine 4

In one week, thousands of journalists and publishers will by filing their way through the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 2012. Though this year's expo is headlined by several upcoming triple-A titles, one hardware unveil is beginning to turn a large majority of heads: Unreal Engine 4. Indeed, Epic Games' spectacular run with the Unreal franchise is expected to continue, as Epic plans to run a live-action demo during the expo.

According to GTTV's Geoff Keighley, Spike TV is set to cover the unveil of Unreal Engine 4, including the unknown demo. Keighley did not specify the date or time the unveil is set to take place, but his Tweet did contain the following: 

Happy to confirm that Spike will be unveiling Unreal Engine 4 during E3! Get a glimpse at the next gen of gaming with the first real demo.

Epic does have a considerable amount of games on their plate at the moment, including the highly anticipated ​Fortnite, ​so it's difficult to ponder which game they'll demo the engine on. Nevertheless, we're excited to see what this generation can still do on an impressive engine that's helped evolved gaming graphics for the past several years. 

Source: [Twitter - Geoff Keighley]

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