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Spider-Man on PS4 will feature alternate suits for Spidey

Which costumes do you want to see?

It's been a big week for Insomniac Games' Spider-Man. Not only did we get a new glimpse of the game at E3, a number of details on the upcoming Spider-Man game were revealed. We have seen details regarding the game's story and how involved Peter Parker himself will be, some gameplay details, and how cinematic the game will be thanks to QTE set-pieces, as well as Spidey's no-kill policy and how big the game's map is.

Now, we have one more interesting tidbit to add to the list. Spider-Man will simply feature one suit in the PlayStation exclusive game, there will be multiple. It was not detailed how many suits, nor was it detailed which suits will be included in the game, but we did get confirmation other suits exist.

Insomniac responded to an inquisitive fan on Twitter who asked if there would be alternate outfits and Insomniac simply said, "Yes".

Now we get to go off the deep end and start to guess which Spidey-suits will make it to the game. 

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