Spelunky speed run pushes world record under two minutes

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YouTuber Pibonacci has taken developer Mossmouth’s Spelunky for a speed run joyride, his newest and world record-setting run clocking in at a stunning 1:55:353, approximately six seconds quicker than the previous record holder.

Like most Spelunky runs, Pibonacci owes much of his success to item luck: He was able to win a teleporter quite early on, allowing him to teleport a small space in any direction, which worked quite well alongside the compass he nicked, which shows the location of the level exit.

Of course, all the items in the world wouldn’t count for anything were it not for the clear, reflexive skill demonstrated in the run. Pibonacci’s triumph can give even the newest Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds record a run for its money.


Austin Wood
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