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Speedball 2 - Tournament: The championship goes online

December 13, 2007



Speedball 2 – Tournament, the ferocious and extreme sports game for PC, now with state-of-the-art 3D graphics combines brutal gameplay with extreme online multiplayer action. Control your team of heavily armoured players as you play on the extensive online network accessed through the game’s innovative GameCenter.

The GameCenter provides a unique opportunity to play friendly matches or official ladder games against other ranked players. For official matches it offers a sophisticated ladder and ranking system where all match results are saved on the server and integrated into the player and league statistics.

Once you have logged into the GameCenter you can also view Speedball rankings, player blogs or join the network of individual clans. Create your own profile to display your match statistics and then add friends, images and information on your team.

Manage your team

Before joining the online battle for glory, choose from a selection of 32 teams from 4 different leagues, each with their own emblem and uniform. Or customise your own personal team and choose every aspect of its style including team skin, armour colours and tags. Then select from one of 4 futuristic arenas to start playing.

Select a winning combination from three differently skilled player classes in order to triumph in Speedball 2 – Tournament. Teams now incorporate all-new female and cyborg players so you can choose males for power, females for speed and dexterity or droids for their strength against vicious attacks. All players vary in their abilities, so it’s up to you to use your team to its best advantage.

About Speedball 2 - Tournament

In a degenerative futuristic society, gang disputes are ultimately settled by a brutal street sport called Speedball. Two heavily armoured teams, nine-on-nine, must fight a vicious battle for possession of a steel ball using brute force. Punch and kick your way through the opposition, pounding players to the ground as you go. Use any violent, dirty or malicious tactics to score goals and other points and win the game.

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