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Spectrobes Arrives on Earth

March 13, 2007


Disney Interactive Studios' Highly Sought Nintendo DS Video Game Now Available at Retail Stores Worldwide Innovative Code Input Cards, Online Community, and Local Wireless Tournaments Debut

The wait has finally ended for one of the most anticipated original Nintendo DS video games ever. Spectrobes, the anime-inspired action roleplaying game from Disney Interactive Studios, is now available at retail stores worldwide. Already well known and eagerly awaited among its target audience, Spectrobes is poised to become a global phenomenon as players experience the engaging single-player story, tournaments, code input card system, and full-featured online community.

Utilizing all the features of the Nintendo DS, Spectrobes includes a compelling story that takes players to planets throughout the galaxy. Using the stylus, button controls, and microphone, players will experience gameplay that includes exploration, excavation, awakening, and battle. Extending beyond the single-player experience are a Wi-Fi feature that allows the player to download new content and access results online, and a local wireless feature that offers the opportunity to trade with or battle other Spectrobes players.

"The anticipation for Spectrobes has been overwhelming. The game's innovative features, compelling fiction and addictive gameplay have generated a tremendous amount of excitement among consumers of all ages," said Craig Relyea, Vice President of Marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. "Like KINGDOM HEARTS, we expect Spectrobes to be an important game franchise for the company for many years to come."

Spectrobes follows the story of two planetary patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, who embark on missions as they travel throughout the Nanairo planetary system collecting mysterious fossilized creatures known as Spectrobes. The Spectrobes hold the key to defeating the merciless Krawl from achieving their goal of galactic domination. Players will search seven planets to find and acquire fossils and minerals. Once a fossil has been located, the player will delicately excavate the fossil from the ground using the stylus on the touch screen to access a variety of tools from different-sized drills to an acidic solvent that melts away debris. When dust particles cloud the specimen, players can clear the surface by blowing on the microphone.

Once fossils are obtained, they are awakened in Rallen's spaceship laboratory using an instrument that relies on the player's voice. Maintaining the correct volume and pitch will awaken fossils to become Spectrobes. (If players prefer to remain silent, they can carefully blow on the microphone, creating varying sounds that result in a more challenging but equally rewarding result.) As creatures are obtained and awakened, they'll be nurtured with minerals in an incubation room to evolve into stronger creatures. The player will then need to select two powerful Spectrobes to accompany Rallen into epic battles against the enemy Krawl.

Code Input Cards

Included in each Spectrobes game is a pack of four translucent lenticular code input cards, perfect for collecting and trading. Once players unlock the special ability in the game, they can fit a code input card over the Nintendo DS touch screen and use the stylus to consecutively tap numerical holes in the cards, unlocking new content, which includes creatures and minerals. Along with inclusion in game packages, additional trading cards will be available through various promotions.

Wireless Modes and Tournaments

Once awakened and trained, Spectrobes are powerful creatures that can be used by Rallen to not only battle against the Krawl, but also take on other players and their creatures locally via wireless gameplay. Players can trade content with others, enter a one-on-one battle with a friend, or participate in an organized tournament. Tournaments include 3 to 16 players with one player serving as the "matchmaker." The "matchmaker" determines how many rounds of battle will be required, pairs combatants, and determines final rankings based on reviewing each participant's results.

Downloadable Content and Online Community

Players can also earn the ability to download content such as creatures, custom parts, minerals, and videos through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. By logging on each week, players will obtain and accrue points that can be traded in for content. Also, once connected to the Internet, the Nintendo DS will generate a personal Planetary Patrol badge number that can be synchronized to each player's profile page on the Spectrobes web site. Once connected to their game results, players' profiles will include information about their Spectrobes creatures, armor, and weapons. In addition, a leaderboard on the web site will track the top scores from several special sequence battles in the game, allowing players to show their success to a global audience. Players can also view their friends' profiles by accessing their created names. By completing specific accomplishments in the game, players can also earn "badges" to showcase on their online profile.

Developed by Kyoto, Japan-based Jupiter Corporation, Spectrobes is rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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