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Special Closed Beta Session for Fists of Fu

Next week, Outspark is introducing a special closed beta session for the upcoming, free-to-play, ‘2.5D’ beat-em-up MMORPG Fists of Fu. Beginning tomorrow players can go to to request a beta invite and download the beta client for this second closed beta period. When the beta begins on Friday, July 30, new invitees will be able to hop right into the action, and Outspark is even including in-game prizes for participants; additionally, two lucky winners will receive an 8 GB iPod nano, and one happy Fu-er who will walk away with an 8 GB iPod Touch. Fists of Fu features anime-style graphics and an immersive storyline in addition to addictive online multiplayer action, giving players the opportunity to explore the home of Fu with its branching paths, multi-level fighting, and gorgeous backgrounds. Fists of Fu offers gamers the ability to join up with friends in multiplayer Player vs Environment action as they take on the nefarious Monster King and his evil companions. The game also offers the ability to engage in player-killing for rare items or to brawl with pals in insane 4 on 4 fights and earn new ranks, status, and items on specially designed PvP maps. Gamers can master 30 skills for each class – Fighter, Archer, or Magician -- and over 15 additional skills for each transfer class. Players can hone their fighting abilities with different combos for characters and unleash powerful Rage moves to take down enemies.
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