Spec Ops: The Line co-op DLC coming in August and it's FREE!

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Spec Ops: The Line, 2K Games recently released third-person shooter, is set to receive some co-op downloadable content as early as August, the publisher has announced.

While the release window is set for August, 2K stressed that the developer is taking their time to make sure it is on par with other content. When it is released, the DLC will add objective-based cooperative multiplayer scenarios set in the same area as the single-player campaign prior to Captain Walker and his squad's arrival.

The DLC will include four missions, each with unique objectives, environments, and playable characters. You will encounter waves of enemies and intense sandstorms while completing your objective. 2K has said that it will emphasize teamwork and that players will have to use a variety of weapons and explosives.

If you remain on the fence about Spec Ops: The Line, perhaps you should check out our review of the game. It's not your typical video game shooter.

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