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'Spartan Ops' to replace FireFight in Halo 4


The recent issue of GameInformer has unleashed a swarm of details for 343 Industries' upcoming blockbuster, Halo 4. While several single-player tidbits are covered in the issue, the cover story focuses primarily on the multiplayer component. 

According to 343, Halo 4's revamped multiplayer is being dubbed "Infinity," and will feature "indirect connections to the campaign." In multiplayer, players will only play as Spartan IVs, because as Frank O' Connor states, red vs. blue fighting sticks to the military training style. In addition, 343 unveiled an entirely new mode called "Spartan Ops." 

Spartan Ops will replace the somewhat beloved FireFight mode as a standalone multiplayer mode. The mode is a separate story-based campaign for four players. Players will work together to finish objectives and earn brand new cinematics that reveal an additional story. According to 343, there will be "constant" updates for Spartan Ops to "hold players' attention long-term." 

Judging by the developer's response, Spartan Ops will tailor to those who have loved Halo's narratives thus far, along with those who love four-player action. It also appears that FireFight will be present in Halo 4, â€‹just not as headlined as it has been in the past two installments. How do you feel about the introduction of Spartan Ops? Like it, love it, hate it? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [IGN]

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