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Space Quest, King's Quest, Police Quest All 30 Percent Off


Back in the heyday of adventure games, you were either a Sierra person or a Lucasarts person. I leaned more on the Lucasarts side, mostly because of my love of Sam & Max. These days, such loyalties are childish, aren't they? Let's play some Sierra games!

All weekend, is hosting their usual discount offer. This week is a good one, serving up 20 Sierra adventure games in the Quest series. They're all packaged into sets of two, three, or four titles, and you can grab each pack for $6.99. So you can get 20 adventure games for $48.93. Not bad.

Obviously, that's an absurd number of games, but I'm guessing people will at least show some love for the original Space Quest and King's Quest trilogy packs. If you're interested in a history lesson, you can scoop up some of the later games and see firsthand why the genre fizzled out in the first place. I may stick to the originals, myself.

You can view the full sale breakdown at Good Old Games. Will anyone skip Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat to play old adventure games? Probably not, but they're worth picking up for a rainy day.

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