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Space Invaders: Infinity Gene Soundtrack Gets Weird on iTunes


If you've ever found yourself watching that Techno Viking video on Youtube and bouncing in your chair, Taito may have the music for you. They've just released Evolutional Theory, a collection of techno tracks from all versions of Space Invaders: Infinity Gene. The full album and the individual tracks can be purchased in the iTunes music store.

Like with most techno music, I wouldn't want to listen to it all the time, but I'll be damned if it isn't catchy. The tracks have a cool flow to them, carrying certain sounds across the collection. The “evolution” moniker is fitting, to say the least. The album includes tracks from the original iOS version of the game as well as the PSN and XBLA versions. Check out the full listing below:

[Infinity Gene Evolutionary Tracks] 1 Ancestor 2 Selection Complete 3 Survival Complete 4 Mutation Complete 5 Reproduce Complete 6 Manipulate Complete 7 Strategy Complete 8 Program Complete 9 Lifegame Complete

[PS3/XBOX360 Tracks] 10 Great Mother 11 Child 12 Shadow 13 Anima 14 Hero 15 Devi 16 Trickster 17 Wise Old Man 18 Persona 19 Animus 20 Scarecrow 21 Unconscious 22 Strategic Deletion

[iPhone/iPod touch Additional Tracks] 23 I CAN NOT APE 24 BURN ALT AIR 25 BEFORE TEN ORB

“I believe that this album will break through the wall isolating game soundtracks from music in general,” said Infinity Gene Director Reisuke Ishida. It's definitely good, as I've been enjoying the music myself while writing this story, but I don't know if it's as transcendental as he thinks. Either way, the album runs for $11.99 or each track for $0.99. If you like techno, it's definitely worth checking out.

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