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Space Combat Heats up in Dark Horizon

September 22, 2008

Space Combat Heats up in Dark Horizon

Temperature-Based Combat System Gives Pilots Two Specialized Battle Modes in Upcoming Sci-Fi Action Game

Paradox Interactive today revealed more details about the advanced combat system in Dark Horizon, the upcoming space action simulator for the PC.

Set in the dark and beautiful galaxy of Enosta, Dark Horizon casts players as Guardians, the mysterious yet skilled fighters charged with saving the galaxy by overcoming the all-consuming spectral force known as the Mirk.

In addition to the game’s multitude of ship customization options, Dark Horizon also features two specialized combat modes for the game’s 22 missions: shadow mode and corter mode. Several of the game’s missions will call upon players to use one or both of these modes in addition to the game’s standard flight mode.

“As we were thinking about gameplay mechanics during development, we decided a realistic element of combat that would be significant for Guardian fleet fighters would be the temperature of the ship,” said Timur Lazarenko, Lead Programmer on Dark Horizon.

“By controlling the temperature of his ship, the player can send his ship into one of two specialized combat modes. Making the ship’s engine temperatures drop will send the player into shadow mode, in which he can become invisible and stealth past enemy lines. When the player heats the ship’s engine, he can then enter corter mode, which allows him to significantly upgrade his weapon system in exchange for a shield penalty.”

Dark Horizon will be available for purchase in stores and for digital download at GamersGate. The game is set to ship on September 23rd in North America and September 26th in Europe.

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